B.Sc. Level Experimental Setups / Apparatuses (Miscellaneous)
UPTIN 108.      e/m long solenoid (Helical method), complete set (UPTIN)
UPTIN 109.      e/m by magnetic focussing method, complete set (UPTIN)
UPTIN 110.      e/m short solenoid (Magnetron method), complete set
UPTIN 111.      e/m Millikan oil drop method, complete set (UPTIN)
UPTIN 112.      e/m bar magnet (Thompson method), complete set
UPTIN 113.      Planck's constant apparatuses, complete with power
                         supply, light source, current meter, photo cell, & set of filters (UPTIN)
UPTIN 114.      Diode as a half wave, full wave, and bridge rectifier (UPTIN)
UPTIN 115.      Diode as a clipping element complete with power supply (UPTIN)
UPTIN 116.      The Energy (band) gap of a semiconductor, complete sest with power supply, oven,                           thermometer, and meters (UPTIN)
UPTIN 117.      Energy gap in Ge crystal using Four Probe method (UPTIN)
UPTIN 118.      To study the work function of filament of vacuum diode valve (UPTIN)
UPTIN 119.      D'Arsonaval Galvanometer (mirror & scale form) (UPTIN)
UPTIN 120.      Ballistic Galvanometer (resistance coil 100 W / 500 W, period 10-12 sec)(UPTIN)
UPTIN 121.      Lamp & scale outfit for above, fitted with transformer and low voltage bulb to work on                           AC mains 220 Volts (UPTIN)
UPTIN 122.      Spot Reflecting Galvanometer (UPTIN)
UPTIN 123.      Taut Suspension Galvanometer (UPTIN)
UPTIN 124.      Tangent Galvanometer with compass (routine quality)
UPTIN 125.      -----------------------Do----------------- (best quality)
UPTIN 126.      Helmholtz's Galvanometer (UPTIN)
UPTIN 127.      B.H. curve apparatus (without CRO) (UPTIN)
UPTIN 128.      Charge & Discharge of condenser app. with power supply
                          and two meters
UPTIN 129.      -----------------Do--------- (with three meters)
UPTIN 130.      Flashing & Quenching of neon to determine the capacity of condenser (UPTIN)
UPTIN 131.      LCR resonant circuit (series & parallel resonant ckt. Provided with 3 resistors, 3                           capacitors, inductance and two meters to display AC voltage & current) (UPTIN)
UPTIN 132.      LCR impedance circuit (for measurement of impedance), provided with 3 resistors, 3                          capacitors, and inductance, complete with AC power supply and two meters (UPTIN)
UPTIN 133.      Conversion of galvanometer into voltmeter (UPTIN)
UPTIN 134.      Conversion of galvanometer into ammeter (UPTIN)
UPTIN 135.      Voltage doubler & tripler circuit complete with power supply (UPTIN)
UPTIN 136.      Susceptibility of FeSO4 solution (complete set) (UPTIN)
UPTIN 137.      Ultrasonic diffraction grating experiment kit (UPTIN)
UPTIN 138.      Laser diode experiment kit (UPTIN)
UPTIN 139.      He Ne Laser experiment kit (UPTIN)
UPTIN 140.      Abbe refractometer with refractive index and
                         sugar scale (UPTIN)
UPTIN 141.      Hand refractometer 0.32% (Erma type)
UPTIN 142.      ---------Do---------- 28.62% (Erma type)
UPTIN 143.      ---------Do---------- 58.92% (Erma type)
UPTIN 144.      ---------Do---------- 0.30%, 0.50%
UPTIN 145.      Polarimeter 400 mm (without sodium lamp assembly & choke) (UPTIN)
UPTIN 146.      Polarimeter 200 mm (without sodium lamp assembly & choke) (UPTIN)
UPTIN 147.      Carbon & Sulphur Apparatus (UPTIN)
UPTIN 148.      Melting Point Apparatus (UPTIN)
UPTIN 149.      Bomb Calorimeter (without Backman thermometer)
UPTIN 150.      Bomb Calorimeter (with safety device)(without Backman thermometer)
UPTIN 151.      Bomb Calorimeter (with safety device & vacuum arrangement) (without vacuum                           pump & Backman thermometer)
UPTIN 152.      Backman Thermometer (0-5C)
UPTIN 153.      Friability test apparatus
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