Bridge Experiments
UPTIN 86.       Wheatstone Bridge / Meter Bridge on plywood base with sunmica top having thick                          brass strips & brass terminals duly nickel plated (2 gaps), with pencil jockey (UPTIN)
UPTIN 87.       ---------------------------Do------------------------------(4 gaps) (UPTIN)
UPTIN 88.       Portable wheatstone bridge with galvanometer (UPTIN)
UPTIN 89.       Kohlraush Conductivity Bridge (UPTIN)
UPTIN 90.       Induction Coils for above
UPTIN 91.       Head phones for above
UPTIN 92.       Student Kelvin Bridge (UPTIN)
UPTIN 93.       Kelvin Double Bridge (UPTIN)
UPTIN 94.       Conductivity attachment for use with above
UPTIN 95.       Industrial Kelvin bridge (UPTIN)
UPTIN 96.       Callendar & Griffith Bridge
UPTIN 97.       Callendar and Griffith Bridge (Dial type) (UPTIN)
UPTIN 98.       Platinum Resistance Thermometer
UPTIN 99.       De-sauty Bridge (UPTIN)
UPTIN 100.     Rayleigh Self Inductance Bridge (UPTIN)
UPTIN 101.     Anderson Bridge (UPTIN)
UPTIN 102.     Maxwell Bridge (UPTIN)
UPTIN 103.     Schering Bridge (UPTIN)
UPTIN 104.     Wein's Bridge (UPTIN)
UPTIN 105.     Carry Foster Bridge (UPTIN)
UPTIN 106.     Owen's Bridge (UPTIN)
UPTIN 107.     Hey's Bridge (UPTIN)
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