Overhead / Slide Projectors
UPTIN 344.       Overhead Projector 500W (UPTIN)
UPTIN 345.       ----------Do--------- 24V/150W (UPTIN)
UPTIN 346.       ----------Do--------- 24V/250W (UPTIN)

Note: Computer fan in place of ordinary fan can also be provided.

UPTIN 347.       Film Slide Projector 230V/300W (with fan) (UPTIN)
UPTIN 348.       -----------Do---------- 230V/100W (with fan) (UPTIN)

Note: Film Slide Projector with computer fan can also be provided.

UPTIN 349.       Micro Slide Projector 12V/55W (UPTIN)
UPTIN 350.       Projection Screen

Type                               36" * 48"                         50" * 70"
Spring type with stand
Chart type
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