Networks / Filter Circuits Training Boards
UPTIN 305.      Verification of Kirchoff's Law of voltages & currents (UPTIN)
UPTIN 306.      Verification of Reciprocating Theorem (UPTIN)
UPTIN 307.      Verification of Thevenin's Theorem (UPTIN)
UPTIN 308.      Verification of Norton's Theorem (UPTIN)
UPTIN 309.      Verification of Superposition Theorem (UPTIN)
UPTIN 310.      Verification of Maximum Power Transfer Theorem (UPTIN)
UPTIN 311.      Networks theorems training board (having previous 5
                          theorems) (UPTIN)
UPTIN 312.      Clipping circuits, including series, shunt and zener clippers,
                          both +ve & -ve types (UPTIN)
UPTIN 313.      Clamping circuits (UPTIN)
UPTIN 314.      Differentiation & integrating circuits (both active &                           passive) (UPTIN)
UPTIN 315.      Crystal filters (UPTIN)
UPTIN 316.      RC circuit as a low pass & High pass filter (UPTIN)
UPTIN 317.      Low pass, High pass filters (IC based) (both active &                           passive) (UPTIN)
UPTIN 318.      Low pass prototype filter (UPTIN)
UPTIN 319.      Low pass m-derived filter (UPTIN)
UPTIN 320.      Low pass tenninating half sections (UPTIN)
UPTIN 321.      High pass prototype filter (UPTIN)
UPTIN 322.      High pass m-derived filter (UPTIN)
UPTIN 323.      High pass tenninating half sections (UPTIN)
UPTIN 324.      Prototype band pass filter (UPTIN)
UPTIN 325.      Prototype band reject filter (UPTIN)
UPTIN 326.      m-derived band pass filter (UPTIN)
UPTIN 327.      m-derived band reject filter (UPTIN)
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