Decade Capacitance Boxes (UPTIN)

UPTIN 198.       With Single Dial
UPTIN 199.       With Two Dials
UPTIN 200.       With Three Dials
UPTIN 201.       With Four Dials
UPTIN 202.       With Five Dials

Decade Inductance Boxes (UPTIN)

UPTIN 203.       With Single Dial
UPTIN 204.       With Two Dials
UPTIN 205.       With Three Dials
UPTIN 206.       With Four Dials
UPTIN 207.       With Five Dials

Decade Resistance Boxes (UPTIN)

UPTIN 208.       With Single Dial
UPTIN 209.       With Two Dials
UPTIN 210.       With Three Dials
UPTIN 211.       With Four Dials
UPTIN 212.       With Five Dials
Decade Boxes (Dial Type)
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